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Hi friends! I'm Anna and I crave connection!

    I know we need food to survive, but for me it’s more than survival it’s a real love connection. I have a strong connection with good food, and that’s where this blog comes in. I want to make sure when you walk through my home or look on my website, you will be fed the yummiest of food.  


    I live with a strong, handsome, and a pro at soft smiles husband of two years. We have a sophisticated, smart little pup named Champ who loves to play and cuddle. Both my husband and Champ are great taste testers of my creations. Ryan and I live in Upstate South Carolina and we love it! My husband is a video engineer for our church and I am a Chiropractic Therapy Assistant.  We love what we get to do and we keep busy with social gatherings and monthly rooftop cocktails.


    I am starting a food blog as a hobby. To do something I enjoy and in return you enjoy also. I hope to give you practical recipes that will leave you wanting to cook in your kitchen as well as serve your family and friends. Cooking should not be dreadful or a chore but a joyful act of service to yourself and to whomever you are cooking for.


    I believe I would not be starting a food blog or be cooking this much without my husband. He is my food encourager and critic and I would not be motivated to be a better cook if it was not for him. We both believe in being passionate about what we do and he helps make my passions come to life.


    I love making people happy with good food and having the pureness of bringing people around the dinner table and enjoying each other’s company and laughter. So let’s come together around the table and enjoy some food.


    As you look through my recipes, I would love and appreciate your feedback, and any recipes you would like to see on the website! If you have any questions about recipes or even how to cook chicken on a stove I’m your gal.


Much Love,

Anna Haynes

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